eniac - all that's left of us

2003 / unknown
i'll work the graveyard shift again alone tonight

sad shit from dallas, early 2000s.

01 Rebuilding Year 
02 Skeleton Crew
03 No Responsibility 
04 Rhode Island 
05 Napoleon 
06 Sorry This Sounds Terrible 
07 Adder Seafarer 
08 In Seperate Rooms 
09 Life & Lung 
10 Lucky All That's Left Of Us

graveyard shift ep on bandcamp


Followed by 37 Seconds of Happiness - 7"

2007 | ape must not kill ape / blessed hands / communication is not words

i just found this twinkly swedish emo 7" in my stack.. haven't listened to it in a while. this shit is beautiful. there is also a demo floating around in space..

1. end of times
2. death of oceans **
3. monument
4. close like us

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... who calls so loud - s/t ep

2008 | sorry records

ex-funeral diner and portraits of past. classic sounds, pretty, sad, twinkly, screamy, heavy.. all of the above. this record doesn't sound like it's from 08, which is a good thing.

look, i even found you a video

1. sleeplike
2. i need to experience the ultimate
4. assume the power focus
5. what i learned in the c.o.u.m.
6. any color i want
7. coming together over a black sun
8. slip step


Navio Forge - As We Quietly Burn a Hole

1993 | shadow catcher

classic emo from the early 90s. haloed eyes is the gem.

1. hate machine
2. yellow and fed
3. manufactured images of jesus christ
4. weaponizing
5. a hole into
6. haloed eyes



Shoes - Un Dans Versailles

1975 | self released

dreamy, sweet, slow.. i guess morose? psychedelic is probably the appropriate word for this kinda deal. un dans versailles was self produced and recorded. this illinois band is compared to the beatles, of course, because all bands were who produced anything remotely "pop" around the mid 70s. i feel like many records were lost in the darkness because of the beatles' hype machine. i also feel like i should probably go to sleep. 

listen to the title track and the song something i can't see. also, "song for her" if you're a lovesick romantic.

1. Dance in Your Sleep
2. Do I Get So Shy
3. Un Dans Versailles
4. Kristine
5. Something I Can't See
6. Eggroll Rock
7. Song for Her
8. One Night
9. No I Don't
10. The Sun
11. One in Versailles
12. Banjo



Death in June - But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter

1992 | New European Recordings

"neofolk" or "post industrial" or "post industrial neofolk," PIN for short. this band has a painfully long catalog. this is the safest bet- i guess for me. i'm still learning about them, i'm no expert, but i love what i've heard.

1 Death Is the Martyr of Beauty
2 He's Disabled
3 The Mourner's Bench
4 Because of Him
5 Daedalus Rising
6 Little Black Angel
7 The Golden Wedding of Sorrow
8 The Giddy Edge of Light
9 Ku Ku Ku
10 This Is Not Paradise
11 Hollows of Devotion
12 But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?



Plunger - s/t

1997 | planaria records

more emo from maryland. early 90s- moss icon kinda deal. this s/t is a compilation of their songs from 1993-1997. it was released after the band broke up. that song H.S. is so good.



bells on trike - s/t

1996 | self released?

twinkly, old, sweet, emo. really pretty melodies. i want this record.



Shroomunion- Bitter and Sad 7"

1995 | Inchworm Records

i'm back on the blog again to post some old classic emo from alabama.

shroomunion had a few 7"s and a 10", and a spot on a 12" comp. this was by far the best - the song dragonshine is legit serious goodness. it's an early '93-'95 kinda thing that was way underrated imho. they are loosely related to indian summer. they've also got this song "monkey song" on another record that is incredibly legit because homegirl shrieks a couple times.

1. bitter and sad
2. dragonshine
3. requiem



The Man I Fell in Love With - Dis Yourself


the man i fell in love with is a 90s emo drowsy / shoegazy perfect band that i love so much. i want to be in a band that sounds exactly like this.

1. brantastic
2. bad dreams
3. the sniper
4. sinful glare
5. we were when we were
6. the fleet of the armada
7 never ever even